Unfuddle System Status

We will update this page in the event of any service interruptions or other issues impacting Unfuddle account access.

Please let us know by emailing Unfuddle support if you are experiencing a connection issue which you do not see listed here.

[RESOLVED] Connectivity Issues

11:30 PM EST: We are currently experiencing an issue with connectivity to our servers. We are actively working towards a resolution.

This issue has been caused by a significant power outage at our host, aws.amazon.com. They have been working as quickly as possible to fix the outages and restore connectivity.

02:10 AM EST: We have begun to see some systems come back up. We are still not certain when all connectivity will be restored. We will update this post as more information becomes available.

03:30 AM EST: We have been able to restore access to a couple of our servers. We are continuing to work to restore access to the rest.

4:25 AM EST: We continue to make progress in bringing up the remaining servers. All remaining accounts should be accessible soon.

7:30 AM EST: All servers are now recovered and you should be able to access your account as expected.

We thank you for your patience.