Unfuddle System Status

We will update this page in the event of any service interruptions or other issues impacting Unfuddle account access.

Please let us know by emailing Unfuddle support if you are experiencing a connection issue which you do not see listed here.

[RESOLVED] Accessibility issues

00:16 AM UTC: We have been experiencing intermittent connection issues for a limited number of STACK accounts. We have already identified the issue and connectivity should now be restored for everyone.

[RESOLVED] Accessibility issue

00:45 AM UTC: We have identified the source of the issue and have now restored access to all affected accounts.

00:30 AM UTC: We are currently investigating an issue causing connection problems for a limited number of STACK accounts. We expect access to be restored shortly.

[RESOLVED] Repository maintenance

4:15 AM UTC: All maintenance procedures have finished. Access has been restored to all accounts.

3:15 AM UTC: Our servers are undergoing a few maintenance procedures. Access will be affected for a part of our customers.

[RESOLVED] Database maintenance

07:35 AM UTC: All services have been restored.

07:20 AM UTC: GIT access is still affected, while web access has already been partially restored. We are still working on restoring all services to normal.

06:53 AM UTC: Our database servers are undergoing a few maintenance procedures. GIT and web access will be affected in the next 30 minutes.

[RESOLVED] Accessibility issues

7:35 PM UTC: We are currently experiencing some intermittent interruptions on a few of our machines. Git, SVN and web access are affected. We are working on bringing things back up and expect everything to be up and running within a few minutes. We apologize for the inconvenience!

9:00 PM UTC: Service has been completely restored. We apologize again and thank you for your patience.

[RESOLVED] Accessibility issues

10:00 AM UTC: Currently GIT is not accessible over SSH. We would encourage you to use HTTPS for now. We will keep you posted with any updates.

02:20 PM UTC: GIT over SSH is working again.

[RESOLVED] Accessibility issues

09:30 PM UTC: We were able to fix the issue we experienced with one of our machines and all services have been resumed for the affected clients. Once again, we do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

08:50 PM UTC: We have identified an issue that is preventing some users from accessing their accounts. We apologize that this has affected our users. We’re currently working on resuming services on the affected machine and will be providing further updates here.

[RESOLVED] Accessibility issues

09:09 PM UTC: Post-failure checks have been completed. Access has been fully restored.

07:57 PM UTC: We’ve confirmed that the problem should now be addressed but are continuing to monitor the situation to be sure. Thank you for your patience.

03:42 PM UTC: We have identified an issue that is preventing some users from accessing their accounts or in other cases, sluggish performance. We apologize that this has affected our users. Our team is in the process of investigating and we’ll provide further updates.

[RESOLVED] Database Maintenance

07:10 AM UTC: The process has successfuly ended. All connectivity is normal.

07:00 AM UTC: Our database servers will be under maintenance starting at 7 AM UTC. Unfuddle STACK services may be intermittently unavailable. The process is planned to finish by 8 AM UTC.

[RESOLVED] Connectivity Issues

02:50 AM EST: All connectivity has been restored.

02:30 AM EST: We are close to restarting all services on the affected server. We expect the downtime to be over in ~20 minutes.

01:00 AM EST: We are currently experiencing an issue with one of our servers preventing access to all services for accounts residing on it. We are working to restore access as quickly as possible.